ABC was first founded in January 2000 and is located in the Linnestaden area of Gothenburg, Sweden.


ABC All About Children is an English language preschool dedicated to providing an international educational environment for children in the Gothenburg region, where

both children and their families from around the world can

truly feel at home.


With this in mind, it is our mission to offer children a quality environment whereby they can develop a creative and constructive attitude toward themselves, others and the world. Our teachers, as well as our families, represent a large cross section of the international community and we embrace a multi-cultural approach using our curriculum and environment as resources.


With the continued dedication and support from our families,

staff, and the international community, ABC will endeavor to

maintain the quality it has achieved over the years in order

to best serve the international and national communities of Gothenburg.

Our Philosophy ABC recognizes that the best education takes place in a fun, warm, accepting and challenging environment. Together with the Swedish National Curriculum (Lpfö 98/2010 revised) and the HighScope Approach. Our goal is to provide a successful preschool experience for the whole family. We currently enroll over 100 children and employ 22 teachers/assistants. The preschool consists of 7 groups, encompassing 4 departments, based on calendar years. Our Curriculum Encompasses Swedish National Curriculum and the Lpfö 98/2010 revised HighScope Growing Readers Letter Links Numbers Plus Music & Movement Growing Readers ABC integrates HighScope’s research-based Growing Readers curriculum into the daily program. Research indicates that a solid foundation in four aspects of early literacy is important for reading achievement in later years: Comprehension Phonological awareness Alphabetic principle Concepts about print The teachers support these areas and the growth of language and literacy by scaffolding with the help of new and classic children’s books, the materials within the child’s classroom and small group activities to create an intrinsically motivated, engaging and educational environment for early literacy development.


Our preschool has many areas that stimulate learning and creativity. Through the use of colour and materials, our school environment is inspiring as well as, harmonious and comfortable.


Group Rooms We currently have seven children’s groups encompassing four departments. The groups are single-age and based on the full calendar year. The environment and materials are geared toward the specific age and the interests of the individual children in the specific group. We provide only high-quality and industry tested materials for our children at ABC. Light Sensory Room A calming room for story telling, auditory discrimination activities or light sensory experiences discovering differences in light and colour accompanied by soft music. Playground The playground provides the opportunity to extend the classroom outside. The children have many options which include painting, role play, cycling, basket ball and sensory play. The addition of giant dinosaurs, farm animals and jungle creatures as well as trucks, to the sandpit, allows for the child’s imagination to soar. Library Our comprehensive collection of fictional and reference books provides the individual child and classroom groups with a rich, educational resource.
ABC All About Children Preschool
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Numbers Plus Maths Curriculum ABC All About Children incorporates HighScope’s Numbers Plus into the preschool program. This curriculum is based on the idea that children are active, hands-on learners that acquire knowledge best when they are intrinsically motivated, while supported and challenged by adults. The Numbers Plus curriculum highlights that children naturally engage in mathematical ideas throughout the day, however it is important these activities take place in an engaging, supportive and encouraging environment in order to develop competence and confidence in their ability to understand and use mathematics early in life. The Numbers Plus curriculum is divided into five content areas: Number Sense and Operations Geometry Measurement Algebra Data Analysis Children learn number operations when they count the blocks in their towers, geometry while completing puzzles, measurement when figuring out who is tallest, and algebra when creating patterns with the help of a peg board. The adults in the classroom support the child’s current level of mathematical thinking and then scaffold by challenging them to advance to the next stage of understanding and reasoning. With the help of the environment, clear curriculum components and shared control, children become interested, competent and confident participants in their mathematics education. Music Room Music sessions, plays, indoor parachute play, dancing and obstacle courses are just a few of the activities provided in this stimulating area.
Cushion Room This room is filled with cushions of all different shapes and sizes. Children can jump, hop, climb and build. The cylindrical, conical, and square cushions are perfect building blocks that help release the junior architect in the children. In addition to all this fun, children are able to develop their balance and a variety of motor skills. Art Room Our art room allows children to explore and develop skills with a large variety of materials and tools to create their art. Woodwork Room Children will explore and develop tool and safety skills in a caring and safe environment. It’s a great opportunity for children of all ages to work with different materials and build simple and complex models in small groups.
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