About Us

First founded in January 2000, ABC All About Children is a bilingual English/Swedish-speaking preschool.We are dedicated to providing quality child care, where both children and their families from Sweden and around the world can trulyfeel at home.

We work according to the Swedish Curriculum, Lpfö revised, as well as the HighScope approach. HighScope is a professionally proven, theory based curriculum globally recognised since the 1960s.

We believe that the best education takes place in a warm and accepting, yet challenging, environment. Children learn best while actively engaged with the materials, environment and the relationships surrounding them.

We believe learning several languages is an asset in today’s society. We support children in a multilingual environment, using and celebrating translanguaging as scaffolding to support children in realising their full language potential.

Through a developmentally appropriate programme, anchored in research and proven practice, we focus on intrinsic motivation, language acquisition, executive functions, conflict resolution, multicultural and anti-bias pedagogy, as well as positive social emotional growth. Additionally, literacy, science, maths, technology, physical development, creative arts and social studies are just a few of the core competencies covered on a daily basis.

We focus on each child's unique abilities and strive toward developing the child's full potential.Through intentional use of the curriculum and resources, we offer children an educational environment and an opportunity to develop a creative and constructive attitude towards themselves, their community and the world.

Our ultimate aim is to support each individual child to grow into a confident and inquisitive adult instilled with a life-long love for learning.


Our preschool has many areas that stimulate learning and creativity. Through the use of colour and materials, our school environment is inspiring as well as, harmonious and comfortable.

Group Rooms

We currently have seven children’s groups encompassing three departments. We provide only

high-quality and industry tested materials for our children at ABC.

Music Room

Music sessions, theatrical productions, indoor parachute play, dancing and obstacle courses are just a few of the activities provided in this stimulating area.

Light Sensory Room

A calming room for story telling, auditory discrimination activities or light sensory experiences discovering differences in light and colour accompanied by soft music.

Cushion Room

This room is filled with cushions of all different shapes and sizes. Children can jump, hop, climb and build. The cylindrical, conical, and square cushions are perfect building blocks that help release the junior architect in the children. In addition to all this fun, children are able to develop their balance and a variety of motor skills.

Art Room

Art materials are provided in all of our group rooms, however, our Art Room allows children to explore and develop skills with a large variety of materials, water and tools.


The playground provides the opportunity to extend the classroom outside. The children have many options which include painting, role play, cycling, basket ball and sensory play. The addition of giant dinosaurs, farm animals and jungle creatures as well as trucks, to the sand table, allows for the child’s imagination to soar.


Our comprehensive collection of fictional and reference books provides the individual child and classroom groups with a rich, educational resource.