The official admissions process takes place in March for the following school year which begins in August. The admissions process continues for several months. Parents will be notified via email or sms and signed confirmations must be returned before a position is allocated and a starting date. If we do not receive a response, your child will automatically be removed from the queue.

On occasion, openings become available during the school year. In these instances, the next family in line will be contacted. Siblings to children currently in the school are prioritized for the younger groups.

The information you give us is for the registration of your child to the queue only at ABC All About Children Preschool. You will receive an automated email confirming that we have received your application. You will be notified when a position becomes available.


We encourage all families to submit their applications as soon as possible One application per child. You will be notified if a position becomes available. Due to the volume of applicants, we are unable to notify you if your child does not receive a place at ABC and give updates on you child’s status in the queue.  

Please note, the queue is refreshed each year and any personal data you have given us will be deleted. You must therefore reapply after September 1st to be considered for the following school year or potential openings for that term. To receive a preschool place, you and your child must be registered with the Swedish tax office (Skattemyndigheterna).


If you need to update your contact information or withdraw your application please contact the preschool and we will update or remove your application as per request. With removal of application we will delete all of your data

as regulated under GDPR .

email to us here

Appication Form

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Childs address

Schools previously attended

Languages spoken at home

1.Guardian Name

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Preferred Starting Date

We allow ABC All About Children to process our personal data given in this form to place our child in the waiting list for a position at ABC.

See our GDPR policy here